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It is a wise dispensation of providence that we do not know how far we ourselves can continue the lives of bygone people,
and that we are only occasionally amazed at how we live on in our children”
Gustav Freytag (1816-1895)


Herzlich Willkommen,
Welcome, Shalom, Benvenuto, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Priwetstwujem,
Dzien dobry, Serdecznie Witamy, Välkommen, Boa Vinda, Karibu,

Why genealogy?
There are two reasons that have motivated me to conduct family research:
Firstly, it has always interested me, where we come from and who we are. How life evolved, and whether we are really alone in this large universe? Or if somewhere in the cosmos there is a species similar to ours? If so ... how do these “beings” live? Are they superior to us or just at the beginning of their development?  But since I shall never get an answer to this question in my short life, I would firstly like to think about my ancestors, how they lived and what
they have passed on to me. Thus it will be a journey into the past. I hope that on this journey I shall find many answers, impressions and information,
to give me a little insight into how, when and where my ancestors lived and where my roots are.

"You are much more the child of your four grandparents than of your two parents ... The seeds of your grandparents’
characteristics mature in us. In our children the seeds of our parents.”
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

The second, and for me much more important, point is the following:
during the second World War II many of our family members disappeared without trace. No one knows what became of them.
Are some of them or their descendants still alive? If so, where? Where did they emigrate to or did they perish because of their origins?  
This question has occupied me for over 30 years and I cannot believe that entire branches of a family were wiped out. I know these people
well, but only in terms of stories and pictures. Even as a little girl I loved looking into my mother’s family albums and asking her where this
uncle or that aunt lived and why their children never come to visit us. Unfortunately, she could never answer that question.

Have you got some information about the names:

Stein, Singer, Sattler, Pecarek, Posamentir/Posamentier, Feigl, Fein, Frankenstein, Deutsch, Glaser, Glogau, Hermann, Jedlinsky, Haas
Lustig, Löwy, Morawetz/Morawitz, Sinaiberger/Sinai, Kohn, Kafka, Kampersky. Ohrenstein, Orenstein, Rosenberg, Rabel, Salomon,
Taussig, Worek from Taboer-Kreis / Bohemia, Czech, Wien, Judenburg Austria;
Posamentir, Policzer, Rosenthal, Fisch, Richter, Klein at Miskolc, Borsod, Hungary and worldwide;

Adler, Roth, Awigajil (Abigail)Austerholz, Grünhut, Hirsch, Fürth, Gratum, Eisner Feigl, Hirsch, Kohn,
Roth, Radnitzky, Pereles, Frankel, Uhlfelder, Isak Schwarz
from Tachau / Bohemia, Czech, Schüttenhofen/Susice, Dlouha Ves and worldwide;

Israel, Isaac, Julius, Michel, Mordechai London aka Juda Mordechai aka Juda Markus, Pollak, Moritzson/Morrison, Hochschild, Linick, Feist, Abraham,
Lazarus, Jentle, Sussmann, Salomon, Simon, Wagner, Goldschmidt, Philipp, Seckel and Timm from Altona, Hamburg, Glückstadt, Frankfurt and worldwide.

Spanier, Hirsch, Falcke, Berendson, Wolff from Sandersleben, Bernburg, Dresden, Altona, Hamburg, USA; Juelich, Spanier, Kaufmann from Bonn,
Bohme/Bohm from Hannover Graudenz, Polen Rouget, Paris, Frankreich; Wolfe, Tommerson from Dresden and USA.
Gonsky from Posen/Preussen, Hamburg and worldwide;

Israel, Bourgeois, Leonardus/Salomon, Weihrauch, Schmitz, Passavanti, Fuchs, Ducan, Ruffier, Schauffelberger
from Köln, Eschweiler, Germany, Paris, Frankreich, London, England, New York, USA and also
Glogau from Nikolausburg please send me your report at my e-mail

more names

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guestbook or per e-Mail.

Thanks for visiting and interest in my research.

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